Stupid linux-next git question...

From: Valdis Kletnieks
Date: Wed Jul 31 2013 - 18:59:28 EST

OK... So I have (as usual) found some issues in linux-next, so I'm looking at 3
bisects. I already know that bisecting between (say) next-20130715 and
next-20130730 won't work, but bisecting between the 3.11-rc1 base of
next-20130715 and next-20130730 *will* work.

Question 1:

Does bisecting between "the HEAD of Linus's tree when a given next- is built"
and "some later next-" work? (basically, I know that anything in Linus's tree
as of -0715 is 'Good', so I'd rather start from there than from 3.11-rc1 to
save several bisects).

Question 2:

If that works, how do I determine the commit ID to feed to 'git bisect good'?
I *hope* this in Next/merge.log is the magic I'm looking for:

$ git reset --hard stable
HEAD is now at 6c504ec Merge branch 'drm-fixes' of git://
Merging origin/master (5ae90d8 Linux 3.11-rc3)

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