Re: [PATCH 4/9] syslog_ns: make syslog handling per namespace

From: Rui Xiang
Date: Wed Jul 31 2013 - 23:11:39 EST

On 2013/8/1 9:36, Gao feng wrote:
> On 07/29/2013 10:31 AM, Rui Xiang wrote:
>> This patch makes syslog buf and other fields per
>> namespace.
>> Here use ns->log_buf(log_buf_len, logbuf_lock,
>> log_first_seq, logbuf_lock, and so on) fields
>> instead of global ones to handle syslog.
>> Syslog interfaces such as /dev/kmsg, /proc/kmsg,
>> and syslog syscall are all containerized for
>> container users.
> /dev/kmsg is used by the syslog api closelog, openlog, syslog, vsyslog,
> this should be per user namespace, but seems in your patch,

Yes, /dev/kmsg is per user namespace, and per syslog ns, too.

> the syslog message generated through these APIs on host can be exported
> to the /dev/kmsg of container, is this want we want?
Ah.. I think your question targets at devkmsg_writev function, right?
You remind me that it's really an issue. Printk_emit in devkmsg_writev
should not use init_syslog_ns as its syslog_ns but current_user_ns->syslog_ns.

In 1st version, current_syslog_ns was used in vprintk_emit. In this version,
the interface vprintk_emit has changed, but this patch misses that.
I will fix it.

Thanks for your reminder. :)

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