Re: [PATCH] net: don't forget to free sk_filter

From: Daniel Borkmann
Date: Wed Nov 06 2013 - 14:32:22 EST

On 11/06/2013 08:28 PM, Eric Dumazet wrote:
On Wed, 2013-11-06 at 20:19 +0100, Daniel Borkmann wrote:

When you send v2 with Alexei's feedback, please also be more specific
in your subject like "net: x86: bpf: don't forget to free sk_filter"
or the like. Also it's enough to say 'This memory leak was introduced
by commit d45ed4a4e3 ("net: fix unsafe set_memory_rw from softirq")'
instead of copying the whole log. Anyways, for v2 with feedback included

Actually, the new way [1] of doing this would be to use the 'Fixes:' tag
as in :

Fixes: <12 digits SHA1> ("net: fix unsafe set_memory_rw from softirq")

[1] As discussed at last Kernel Summit

Example in

Cool, good to know, that's even better!
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