Re: Boot failure on Origen with next-20131107

From: Tomasz Figa
Date: Thu Nov 07 2013 - 06:30:03 EST

Hi Sachin,

On Thursday 07 of November 2013 16:25:15 Sachin Kamat wrote:
> Hi,
> Today's linux next fails to boot Origen (Exynos4210) board. However,
> Arndale (Exynos5250) board boots fine. Git bisect points to the
> following as bad commit:
> 2361613206e66ce59cc0e08efa8d98ec15b84ed1 is the first bad commit
> commit 2361613206e66ce59cc0e08efa8d98ec15b84ed1
> Author: Grant Likely <grant.likely@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Date: Sun Sep 15 22:32:39 2013 +0100
> of/irq: Refactor interrupt-map parsing
> Reverting gave several conflicts which I could not resolve with certainty.

This issue has been already fixed, but the fix has not yet been merged.


Best regards,

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