Re: Richard Stallman: Why “GNU’S Not Linux” and Why We Should “Say LiGNUx” / Stopping abusive behaviour.

From: Ove Karlsen
Date: Mon Dec 23 2013 - 15:15:46 EST

In school, many national idols, art, and "national romantic" writings are read. These are irrational variants of ancestor worship, that turns ignorant people to brats. A flag nothing else than a totempole. A monarchy nothing else than the development of old fertiliycults. Where Brutus and Bimbo no doubt are central.

No doubt even Stallman was bothered by those in his youth. And maybe that is what is bothering many. Why anyone should go to school, to be harassed for many years, I do not understand. I am well into my thirties and realizing how much of a pain school really was, although I was not the one most bothered, and I have seen many processing that, on youtube, and other places.

Behaviour on the internet is a problem, and it seems similar, and that is really what reminded me of it.

Stallman however made his own idol instead. The "GNU" is a similar thing, a phallic idol of himself, as all idols are. And everyone complains about the pseudoreligious brats in linux-circles.

It is ofcourse not real religion, but idolatry, and with made up idols. And that it is idolatry, is a important distinction to make.

This is really at the base of facism, and seen for instance, when people censor criticism like this, in favour of some idol. Be that Stallmans Gnu, or gayactivism, 1950s gear worshippers, or people who think 1024x768 is the ultimate resolution. Or many odd things. Which is common online.

Hippies also really are idolaters, sunworship, really the same as swastika-worship. This scene from "Tommy" says a lot about what an idolater is:

Everyone is born with a monotheist nature though.

On LKML, I have also seen arguments that resemble monotheism. For instance lately, Linus said he didn´t want a corporate mindset. He has also talked about natural developments, and also Gabriel Newell, inspite of clear "psychedelic" art in some of his games, talk about letting naturality take place. Hopefully that means reiterating out that element, as it really is about the same again. And "just for fun", is close to "for the praises of God" is it not.

Our nature, is "muslim". Which means "in submission to God".
In Daoism, one talks about surrender and alignment.
In Buddhism and Daoism, both talk about quietness of the mind.
In Islam one talks about peace generally. And defines idolatry as unnatural, polytheism, and association with God, and The Quran states, God created you with the most upright nature.

And one superordinate concept, one God, can also be logically defended by Aristotles prime mover, and philosophical principles like The Finetuning Argument. However many do not even know this, and think monotheism is illogical, yet the school of logic, is said to have been established by Aristotle. The same logic ofcourse, really the insight of any true prophet. Programmers often like logic, and should know this.

And Atheism do not have that, but often an irrational randomness, that is given power to create, or claimed to be anything but white-noise. A series of random events are white noise, equal probability for any frequency. And Einsten and pseudoreligious scientific pantheism cannot be rationally defended, as with pantheism infinity is irrationally assigned to objects, truth is false, good is bad, god is satan, and many of these defend idolaterous images. Dawkins discussions sometimes seen on youtube, with beasthead idols, outside the building. Similar to the sphinx-idols of Egypt ofcourse. Yet again phallic. And many who makes claims about madness themselves, such as psychiatrists follow Freud whose focus on libido, is just another rephrasing of phallic idolatry, and the facism these uphold is known. Atheism also again irrational idolatry.

Removing irrational "randomness" from reality, leaves no coincidences, nothing "just happens", unless God wills. And one gets a necessary creator, that logically must be almighty, and sustainer of the heavens and the earth. One who obviously guides and deludes whomever he wills. And talks about mercy towards the believers.

And Darwin makes irrational claims about species. No species that mutate in any such degree, would ofcourse stop to mutate, and all species would have left an enormous amount of mutations that did not make it. And even just two compatible mutations, from another species, is absurd theory. And mutation is not any object of occult power.

And ofcourse Stallman claims to have some power of giving freedom to hackers, by his GPL licence, are fradulent.

Any of these, whether you view them more or less influental is just doing the same.

Free fantasy and conjuring of unreal things. If you are looking for the logical, and really scientific view, that is Artistotle still. And stallman does ofcourse not know what freedom is. And even making an idol of himself. Maybe he was of those who used LSD, it used to be popular, and unfortunately still is too popular. Turning people to stooges.

Freedom, and natural behaviour comes with natural religion, that protects human values. (non-sectarian) and godconsciousness. God is almighty and just, Lord of The Heavens And The Earth.

And Open-source is now well-understood, a better term, and is good development, and much more graceful, than his slogans.

If one is to fix the problem of ill-behaved participants anywhere, the conflicts lies in monotheism vs idolatry (polytheism), as always.

This can all be solved. Stallman does not have any occult powers, to allow him only to write licences, and indeed if the licence was kernel code, it would have been patched out, for reasons of obscurity, a long time ago.

I actually made a very simple licence for my own DSP-code, which atleast works for me. It takes my understanding of "Open source", and words it as simple as possible.

"This program, plugin or function is licenced under
The Beneficient Open-Source Licence.

That means that its source is released
and shall stay available openly,
to benefit humankind, in the path of God.
And that shall apply to developments,
modifications, derivations, and branches.

The licence may not be changed, but modifications
between program, plugin and function may be done,
and used alongside software of other licences.

Peace Be With You."

That should be well understood in the beneficial arrangements of monotheism.

I also wrote it a little bit like this, to hint at library buliding of re-used components.

Ultimately it is about information-management, and good communication. I wrote on my blog about decentralized blog/magazine style keyword network, as a maybe usenet inspired modern iteration of many online technologies.

Peace Be With You
Ove Karlsen
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