Re: [REGRESSION] rfcomm (userland) broken by commit 29cd718b

From: Alexander Holler
Date: Tue Dec 24 2013 - 08:21:40 EST


Am 16.12.2013 22:15, schrieb Gianluca Anzolin:

This last patch does release the port in that situation.

Tested with:
# rfcomm bind 1 <addr>
# rfcomm release 1

and with
# rfcomm connect 1 <addr>

I've just tested the patch rfc3.patch as attached to the mail I'm replying to on top of 3.12.6, it works here too.

I've tested 3 use cases:

1. rfcomm connect then ctrl-c,
2. rfcomm connect, screen /dev/rfcommN, ctrl-c for rfcomm then quit screen
3. rfcomm connect, disappearing remote device (hard power down of the remote device)

Everything worked as expected.

Thanks again, I wish everyone a merry christmas,

Alexander Holler
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