Re: tg3 and sd card reader at acer aspire

From: Vasiliy Tolstov
Date: Wed Dec 25 2013 - 02:52:11 EST

2013/12/25 Robert Hancock <hancockrwd@xxxxxxxxx>:
> So apparently this machine got broken when we changed the behavior for the
> ACPI ASPM-not-supported bit from forcing ASPM off for everything to leaving
> ASPM in whatever state the BIOS left it in. And apparently for some reason
> the device (devices?) doesn't work with ASPM enabled in Linux but does in
> Windows. It's possible that some other workaround is being applied by the
> Windows driver that allows it to work there.
> I'm not too sure what the next step to debug that would be, unless maybe
> someone has a contact at Broadcom. We could conceivably add a quirk to force
> ASPM off for this device regardless of what the BIOS says, though.

Thanks! I can contact with broadcom, but i don't known email address.
Last my attempt then i have problems with their wifi card not
successful =(.

Vasiliy Tolstov,
e-mail: v.tolstov@xxxxxxxxx
jabber: vase@xxxxxxxxx
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