Re: split efi systab in sysfs

From: Dave Young
Date: Wed Dec 25 2013 - 21:12:43 EST

On 12/25/13 at 05:55pm, H. Peter Anvin wrote:
> On 12/25/2013 05:53 PM, Dave Young wrote:
> > Hi, Matt and Peter
> >
> > Currently /sys/firmware/efi/systab contains multi-lines for efi systab
> > entries. As previous discussion with Greg, this is not a good in sysfs.
> > I wonder if there's other users for this file except kexec-tools.
> >
> > If kexec-tools is the only user, maybe I can split it as several files.
> > In kexec-tools just use /sys/firmware/efi/"$entry_name" and if $entry_name
> > does not exist then switch to old systab file.
> >
> Yes, the sysfs standard is "one entry per datum". I have no idea about
> who the user(s) might be, though.

Even the only known user kexec-tools, for new kernel + old kexec-tools we
have no way to support, maybe this systab should be kept forever...
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