re: Gnu

From: Ove Karlsen
Date: Thu Dec 26 2013 - 07:53:17 EST

Just a comment on this 2012 message I wrote. I just want to clearly specify what I meant by "trash-women".

Stallman clearly is an idolater. He has an idol of himself, and he worships women the same way. Both he and the women who want that kind of attention are what I mean by "trash".

These are the kind of people I call Bimbo and Brutus. Facists. Often named various things appropriate, "pigs", "dicks" (they worship and represent phallic objects after all) etc etc, and "trash".

Also to deassociate peace from the western hippie. The hippies often agreed with such sentiments, but were turned to similar people by drugs themselves, represented by the vain yuppie the hippie turned to. Hippieism a more naive phase of a facistic development, that first ofcourse criticised the environment, believing in hallucinations on drugs, and poisioning of the air, which really is LSD symbolism for poisoning of the mind, which is what the LSD did.

And then developing into lesser and vain people, who were idolaters, who believed in status-objects, and speculated at stock markets.

The thin morality, and conjured status is ofcourse similar to believeing play on semantics are relevant, such as Stallman, and the recent "lignux" debate.

Other than that, I voiced myself very well with regards to this in my previous post.

God governs as he wills -

Peace Be With You
Ove Karlsen.
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