[PATCH 0/3] kernel.h: centrally define U32_MAX, etc.

From: Alex Elder
Date: Thu Dec 26 2013 - 10:12:04 EST

Although types u32, s32, u16, s16 and so on are fundamental kernel
types, there is no central symbolic definition of their maximum and
minimum values. In the past I've added and used such definitions
where I've needed them but they really belong in "kernel.h".

This series does this, in three steps. The first makes existing
definitions be done conditionally; the second defines them in
"kernel.h"; and the third gets rid of the conditional definitions.

(These three can obviously be squashed into a single commit.)


Alex Elder (3):
conditionally define U32_MAX
kernel.h: define u8, s8, u32, etc. limits
remove extra definitions of U32_MAX

fs/reiserfs/reiserfs.h | 2 --
include/linux/ceph/decode.h | 17 -----------------
include/linux/kernel.h | 13 +++++++++++++
net/ipv4/tcp_illinois.c | 1 -
4 files changed, 13 insertions(+), 20 deletions(-)


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