[PATCHv2 0/11] Staging: vt6656: Cleanup of checkpatch problems in bssdb.c

From: Sebastian Rachuj
Date: Thu Dec 26 2013 - 13:57:33 EST

This patch series reformats the bssdb.c file of the vt6656 driver in
staging. It resolves all errors and some warnings which checkpatch.pl

As requested, the changes are now split into a series of smaller,
fine-grained patches. The reference git tree, that was used to create
it this time, is linux-next.

However some occurrences of the following warnings are not patched:
- Lines over 80 characters
- Too many indentation levels
- printk should include KERN_ facility level

The first two noted types of warnings require more code modification
to reduce the indentation level. The latter should be fixed along with
the removal of the custom printk macro in

NOTE: As the first patch retabs the complete file, you might consider
using "git diff --ignore-all-space"

No functional changes should be introduced by these patches.

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