Re: [PATCH] Add the LED burst trigger

From: One Thousand Gnomes
Date: Fri Dec 27 2013 - 13:14:15 EST

> Well, this one will be really smaller. And yes, it will make some
> memory non-swappable, but I believe with triggers and infrastructure
> for N900 (and similar) it will be worth it.

Ah yes thats such a major proportion of platforms

> Plus, it will actually save CPU cycles, and thus significant power.

All of which will be totally wiped out if you bump all the millions of
x86 server boxes in the world up by one page of kernel space and cause a
few disk I/Os

> > little driver but the rest belongs in a library and the library can use
> > accelerators (of any kind) if available, or even things like lightbulbs
> > via X10 so you can have the big red light in the control room flash if
> > the machine dies 8)
> Well, I'd prefer my cellphone to signal me "you have a message" by
> flashing blue light, not by dimming lights in the control room ;-).

Where the cellphone has an offload it makes sense to use it, but in the
general case userspace is much more flexible. You may not want a flashing
big red light and a siren but if its in kernel then nobody can have it,
if it's through a library you can.

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