re: Gnu - addendum

From: Ove Karlsen
Date: Sat Dec 28 2013 - 09:17:55 EST

Ofcourse, when all statusobjects are aquired and upholding the idolaterous respect of them, one gets facistic regimes, military costumes, rigid salutations etc. People who think they are kings, with underlings, who must respect their vain, and regressed simple behaviour.

A fully developed facistic society is that of North Korea today, where the leader is so far into his fantasies, that equally valid is killing ex-lovers, uncles, etc.

North-Korea leaders are depicted similar as Saddam Hussein, Stalin, etc, with mountains in the background.

Early facistic regimes in written history, is also The Ziggurats of Ur, where "the watchers" of the Ziggurats, and the polytheism they represented, made people paranoid, and it should be considered more of a facist construct, than probably many naive ideas about them today. (And ofcourse no "alien" theory should be associated with clear facts here).

Do notice that the scenery is built for the purpose phallic focus, and instead focus on the head, and know that they are like yourself.

When discussing North-Korea it is common for people to agree.

More difficult may be this:

Israel is naively sympathised with because they are mentioned in The Bible. However many there hate christians, and the symbol in the background, is probably a "jewish supremacy" idol, based on the belief that jews are superior, and the world should be their slaves. (zionism) Anyone who cannot recognize the beautiful belief in God, in others, is not a believer in God, and has never known God. To such people, religion are empty words, to fuel the same facism.

So then, mentioning Israel like this, means I sympathize with the palestinians?

Not at all.

This is yet another idol. Mickey Mouse of Disney, really inspired by hallucinogenic drugs, and part of an idolaterous mindset.

A lot of people think it is harmless, and even think is for children, but it really is satanic. Often indicated by beastheaded idols, or a "Donald Duck".

This is only a variant of them same:

A real Gnu would ofcourse not be an idol. However a GNU distorted by satanic influence on LSD, indicates recieving semen, etc.

No doubt many of you have become well-grown adults, and need to deal with this problem, on this level.

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