Re: [PATCH] ASoC: simple-card: cleanup asoc_simple_card_parse_of()code

From: Mark Brown
Date: Mon Dec 30 2013 - 07:11:47 EST

On Fri, Dec 27, 2013 at 11:14:38AM +0800, Xiubo Li wrote:
> Since there is only one common format via "simple-audio-card,format"
> for simple card driver(CPU & CODEC DAI), there is no need to do the
> INV mask.

I don't understand this change, how is the fact that the CPU and CODEC
DAI share a common format related to using the inversion? The inversion
specifies the format relative to the spec rather than relative to the
other end of the link and for any DAI link the two devices should be
using the same format.

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