re: Gnu - more

From: Ove Karlsen
Date: Mon Dec 30 2013 - 09:07:22 EST

Once you accept idolatry, people may aswell make an idol that is in enemity to others.

This seems to be in enemity to Linus Torvalds, symbolically.

People have been doing this for ages, and the head idols on certain island, actually command idolaters, to pick hay/sail boat/other activity, etc.

Normal godconsciousness is above these symbols, and make them ineffective, so no doubt these were forgotten.

As The Quran says "God has no partners in reign".

A lot of scientific thinking today also overrides idolatry, but often has its own aswell. But that the universe is created, consists of certain things, that the moon is part of a solar system, and not an idolaterous symbol (aka man in the moon), is good learning, but avoid "infinite mass" theories, and "random"/chaotic (white noise) theories etc, as these are the idolaterous part, among several. Also seen in theories such as "the godparticle", which is a bit like the modern Thor. Where fantasy conjures up wild things, until discarded and the next object comes.

Whether there actually are "quantums" one does not really know either, and some of this is based in Einsteins extrapolations to infinity, which is non-sensical math. So what happens when particle-accelerators go into the range of error one does not know. Lets hope no "resonance cascade"(/another world - both based in drugs it would seem.). :o)

In physics one often talks about oscillations, frequencies and measurements. And a measurement is a quantity, and does nothing on its own, ofcourse.

The error comes when one starts to believe idols have power.

Instead the entire sequence of events in the universe, actually contains no resonance cascade. No bugs, no bogus code.

That is proof enough for God, for me.

A correct view of God, and monotheism, is without idolatry.


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