Re: [PATCH 2/7] vt6655: Fix most of errors in wroute

From: Dan Carpenter
Date: Tue Dec 31 2013 - 06:13:08 EST

On Mon, Dec 30, 2013 at 03:52:32PM +0100, Michael Gunselmann wrote:
> wroute.h: Fixed all line-over-80-character errors. No errors remain.
> wroute.c: Fixed line-over-80-character errors, bracing errors
> and C99-comments.
> Three warnings remain, fixing them would deteriorate readability.
> One warning on a memory barrier without comment in line 189
> will be fixed in a later commit because it's purpose is not
> yet known.

Don't do the weird indenting.

> @@ -86,22 +88,25 @@ bool ROUTEbRelay(PSDevice pDevice, unsigned char *pbySkbData, unsigned int uData
> pHeadTD->m_td1TD1.byTCR = (TCR_EDP | TCR_STP);
> - memcpy(pDevice->sTxEthHeader.abyDstAddr, (unsigned char *)pbySkbData, ETH_HLEN);
> + memcpy(pDevice->sTxEthHeader.abyDstAddr,
> + (unsigned char *)pbySkbData, ETH_HLEN);

It would be better to fix this like so:

memcpy(pDevice->sTxEthHeader.abyDstAddr, pbySkbData, ETH_HLEN);

> - }
> + else
> + pDevice->wCurrentRate =
> + (unsigned short)pDevice->uConnectionRate;

Remove the silly cast here as well.

pDevice->wCurrentRate = pDevice->uConnectionRate;

Both your patch and mine are still 81 characters long.

I don't get upset by lines over 80 characters... Eventually we will fix
that. Just leave it as-is, until we can clean it up from a human
perspective as well as from a robot perspective.

dan carpenter

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