Re: [PATCH RESEND 1/4] clk: clk-s2mps11: Refactor for including support forother MFD clocks

From: Mike Turquette
Date: Tue Dec 31 2013 - 14:13:53 EST

Quoting Mark Brown (2013-12-31 08:09:16)
> On Mon, Dec 30, 2013 at 09:33:50AM +0530, Tushar Behera wrote:
> > Commit 1b1ccee1e821 "mfd: s2mps11: Fix build after regmap field rename
> > in sec-core.c" is also touching this file, which is in Mark's tree
> > right now. If I rebase
> It's been in Linus' tree for a while now.

OK, so I merged the two patches into clk-next, then merged clk-next into
next-20131224 and the merge is super trivial to resolve. So I propose
that we just let it get resolved in linux-next the usual way.

Any objections? If not I'll take these two patches into clk-next.

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