Re: [PATCH v5 1/1] cpufreq: tegra: Re-model Tegra20 cpufreq driver

From: Viresh Kumar
Date: Fri Jan 03 2014 - 00:47:39 EST

On 2 January 2014 16:38, bilhuang <bilhuang@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Actually, I don't have plan or resource on doing this, would it be better
> that you help to do that instead? Thanks.

Point taken. I am there to help if required. So, initially you can just make
Tegra work according to the new file we were talking about. I will fix
others later.

>> I am not sure about the location of such file. Should this be placed in DT
>> code somewhere or kept in cpufreq? Rob/Grant ??
> Do we have consensus on where to create such file?

Not yet, probably people were on leaves.

@Grant/Rob: Any inputs here?
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