Re: 1be41b78: +18% increased btrfs write throughput

From: Chris Mason
Date: Fri Jan 03 2014 - 11:07:20 EST

On Fri, 2014-01-03 at 23:54 +-0800, wrote:
+AD4- Hi Josef,
+AD4- FYI. We are doing 0day performance tests and happen to notice that
+AD4- btrfs write throughput increased considerably during v3.10-11 time
+AD4- frame:
+AD4- v3.10 v3.11 v3.12 v3.13-rc6
+AD4- --------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- -------------------------
+AD4- 50619 +AH4- 1+ACU- +-17.0+ACU- 59209 +AH4- 2+ACU- +-18.8+ACU- 60159 +AH4- 2+ACU- +-20.5+ACU- 61007 +AH4- 0+ACU- lkp-ws02/micro/dd-write/11HDD-JBOD-cfq-btrfs-1dd
+AD4- 50619 +-17.0+ACU- 59209 +-18.8+ACU- 60159 +-20.5+ACU- 61007 TOTAL iostat.sdd.wkB/s
+AD4- and it's contributed by
+AD4- commit 1be41b78bc688fc634bf30965d2be692c99fd11d
+AD4- Author: Josef Bacik
+AD4- AuthorDate: Wed Jun 12 13:56:06 2013 -0400
+AD4- Commit: Josef Bacik
+AD4- CommitDate: Mon Jul 1 08:52:28 2013 -0400
+AD4- Btrfs: fix transaction throttling for delayed refs

Bonus points for increasing the performance on purpose. Thanks for
running these Wu.


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