Re: BUG: build fail due to dependency issue (LIB80211_CRYPT_*failed to depend on LIB80211)

From: Johannes Berg
Date: Mon Jan 06 2014 - 09:09:34 EST

On Mon, 2014-01-06 at 15:01 +0100, Andreas Mohr wrote:

> config LIB80211
> tristate

> config LIB80211_CRYPT_WEP
> tristate
> config LIB80211_CRYPT_CCMP
> tristate
> config LIB80211_CRYPT_TKIP
> tristate

> make menuconfig
> showed these three crypt options rather very prominently,

Well, then your 'make menuconfig' is somehow broken - on mainline
options that have no prompt are not shown, and indeed 'make menuconfig'
on the current mainline kernel confirms that those options are not
possible to select manually.


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