Re: [RFC v2 2/2] fs: btrfs: Extends btrfs/raid56 to support up tosix parities

From: Andrea Mazzoleni
Date: Tue Jan 07 2014 - 05:35:55 EST

Hi Chris,

On 01/06, Chris Mason wrote:
> Neat. The faila/failb were always my least favorite part of the btrfs
> code ;) Did you test just raid5/6 or also the higher parity counts?
At this stage no real testing was made with btrfs.

The intention of this btrfs patch is mainly to get feedback on the new raid
inteface, and see if it matches the needs of btrfs, and if it results in
cleaner code than before.

And besides the removal of the faila/failb variables, something other that
likely you can appreciate is the removal of all the P/Q logic from btrfs,
that it's now replaced with a single raid_rec() call.

After the raid interface stabilizes, this patch can be used as starting
point for a real btrfs patch. But at now it's just to show
some example code of what kind of modification btrfs will need.

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