[0/11][REPOST] Energy-aware scheduling use-cases and scheduler issues

From: Morten Rasmussen
Date: Tue Jan 07 2014 - 11:20:00 EST

Reposting the series with LKML on cc as well.

Original thread (with a few replies) can be found here:

Sorry for double-posting.




One of the requests from the scheduler maintainers at the Energy-aware
Scheduling workshop at Kernel Summit this year was to provide plain text
descriptions of use-cases (workloads) and system topologies. To get that
moving I have written some short texts about some use-cases. In addition
I described a list of issues that today prevent mainly the scheduler
from achieving a good energy/performance balance in common use-cases.
The follow-up emails are structured as follows:

1-6: Current issues related to energy/performance balance.
7-10: Use-cases (overall behaviour and energy/performance goals)
11: DVFS example (for reference)

I'm hoping that this provides some of the background for why I'm
interested in improving energy-awareness in the scheduler. I'm aware
that the use-cases and issues/wishlist don't cover everyone's area of
interest. Input is needed to fix that.

Comments and input are appreciated.


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