Re: [PATCH 0/2] tracing/triggers: A couple minor variable namechanges

From: Steven Rostedt
Date: Tue Jan 07 2014 - 12:57:09 EST

On Tue, 07 Jan 2014 11:29:05 -0600
Tom Zanussi <tom.zanussi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Just so you know what encompasses my 'normal testing', below is what I
> normally run through - if everything checks out, I'm satisfied things
> are basically good, though of course it didn't catch your traceoff bug
> so it's not complete.
> As soon as I get the chance, I'll automate it and add more tests for
> completeness - as it is it's grown into something that already takes too
> long to do manually, so I need to find the time....
> ---- basic high-level check
> - quick enable/disable_event, capture limited number of events
> - both counted and not
> - verify flags
> - verify removal

Thanks, I may look at these in the future to update my tests. I've
attached some trigger tests that I just wrote up.

ftrace-event-traceon-off : tests the traceon and traceoff triggers.
- enables tracing, sets traceoff trigger, checks if it disables
- disables tracing, sets traceon trigger, checks if it enables
- does a countdown from 3 to make sure the tracing is disabled
3 times.

ftrace-event-stacktrace : tests the event stack trace. It
- checks enabling of events (non trigger)
- checks enabling only the stack trace
- checks enabling both the stack trace and events
- checks if the count works from 1 2 or 3 times

ftrace-event-trigger-event : tests enable/disable_event trigger
- checks if the event enables another event (several times)
- checks if the event disables another event (several times)
- checks if it enables an event count times "1 2 3"
- then it tests the filter part of the event trigger (enable only)

Feel free to add onto these.

-- Steve

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