Re: [REGRESSION 3.14-rc6] Samsung N150 lid does not "open" after suspend to RAM.

From: Nicolas Porcel
Date: Tue Apr 01 2014 - 08:19:09 EST

Sure, I understand that you need to test it, that's why I am asking. I don't want an untested patch to be included in the kernel either. We also have to make sure that the patch fix the regression for all the affected Samsung laptops.

For the EC_SC code, I am using the first version of the patch without the pr_info line, so I need to recompile the kernel. I'll let you know as soon as it's done.

Best regards,

Nicolas Porcel

On 01/04/2014 19:58, Kieran Clancy wrote:
On Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 10:06 PM, Nicolas Porcel
<nicolasporcel06@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Do you have any idea of how much time will it take to merge it to the
mainline ?
Apologies for the breakage. The key here is that we want a patch which
works 100% on all Samsung systems. If we rush a fix for this
regression, we may risk breaking things on other systems.

Fortunately, the work-around in the case of this regression is very
simple (just repeat whatever event was ignored the first time, be it
lid open, ac plug, etc) compared to the bug which the original patch
fixed (which had no real workaround and caused near-permanent

This is why I am asking people with Samsung systems to test the patch
(with the debug output I added in the kernel bugzilla attachment) and
confirm that it is working. I am also asking them to report EC_SC data
because we may be able to create a more targeted patch with this

Speaking of which, can you please let me know the EC_SC bytes you see
when you test it on your system, and if it is always the same?

Once I hear back from users on a range of Samsung systems, I will
submit a patch. It should have enough time to land before 3.15. I will
also ask for it to be included in other stable branches.

Kind regards,

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