Re: [GIT PULL] USB patches for 3.15-rc1

From: Kishon Vijay Abraham I
Date: Wed Apr 02 2014 - 09:06:33 EST


On Wednesday 02 April 2014 11:12 AM, Loc Ho wrote:
> Hi,
>>>> USB patches for 3.15-rc1
>>>> Here's the big USB pull request for 3.15-rc1.
>>> Hmm. I'm getting this when testing:
>>> warning: (AHCI_XGENE) selects PHY_XGENE which has unmet direct
>>> dependencies (HAS_IOMEM && OF && (ARM64 || COMPILE_TEST))
>>> which looks like AHCI_XGENE doesn't have the proper dependency on OF
>>> (or alternatively PHY_XGENE has an incorrect dependemcy on OF).
>>> According to google it looks like Fengguang reported this on
>>> kbuild-all, but nowhere else.
>>> The actual build then succeeds. But the Kconfig warning is real and
>>> implies that something is seriously wrong wrt the dependencies for
>>> this thing.
>>> It looks like the "select PHY_XGENE" came in through the libata
>>> update, but this USB update actually brought in the "config PHY_XGENE"
>>> and thus this error. Which makes me wonder how this all worked. Why
>>> does that "select PHY_XGENE" exist when apparently it's not needed?
>>> Regardless, there's something broken somewhere.
>> Odd, I don't know what to do to fix this up "properly".
>> Loc Ho, this came in from your patch, any ideas?

Shouldn't we let the users to enable PHY_XGENE (maybe add in the platform

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