Re: [PATCH] rt2x00: BUG: remove double loop on REGISTER_BUSY_COUNT

From: Richard Genoud
Date: Thu Apr 03 2014 - 11:47:06 EST

2014-04-03 17:37 GMT+02:00 Jakub KiciÅski <moorray3@xxxxx>:
> On Thu, 3 Apr 2014 16:12:07 +0200, Richard Genoud wrote:
>> rt2x00usb_register_read_lock() calls rt2x00usb_vendor_req_buff_lock()
>> that calls rt2x00usb_vendor_request() which is already looping up to
>> So this loop is not needed.
> Not true. rt2x00usb_vendor_request() busy-waits for usb_control_msg()
> to succeed, rt2x00usb_register_read_lock() busy-waits for the register
> field itself to become 0.
> Also, how would this be a BUG?

Ok, you're right.
Just forget about this patch...

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