Re: Kconfig circular dependency question

From: Paul Bolle
Date: Sun Apr 06 2014 - 17:14:59 EST

On Sun, 2014-04-06 at 16:07 -0500, Larry Finger wrote:
> As you have seen in my reply to Randy, this appears to arise from violating one
> of the edicts of Linus that says that no configuration variable should select a
> subsystem. Of course, one could argue that RFKILL is also a subsystem, and that
> R8723AU should depend on it rather that selecting it.
> My day also seems to be slowing. :)

Would you mind sharing the .config that triggered this? (I guess I also
need to know the make command you ran.) Than I could play with this, on
a not so slow day, and maybe, just maybe, understand what's going on.

Paul Bolle

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