Re: [PATCH RFC 2/2] rcu: Add Josh Triplett as designated reviewer

From: Joe Perches
Date: Mon Jun 02 2014 - 23:11:46 EST

On Mon, 2014-06-02 at 18:51 -0700, Josh Triplett wrote:
> git send-email can invoke 'scripts/ --no-rolestats'
> directly via --to-cmd or -cc-cmd; that works fine as long as you don't
> have a cover letter.
> Depending on the system I'm running on, and whether it's more convenient
> to invoke git-send-email or to edit patch mails and send them with 'mutt
> -H', I have a shell pipeline which invokes on an
> entire patch series, collects all the email addresses it returns, and
> inserts them all into each mail as CCs. (That way, when I send a
> cross-subsystem patch series, I don't get a pile of maintainers confused
> that they only received a couple of the numbered patches.) One example:

I think that as long as the appropriate mailing lists receive
the cover letter, any real maintainer won't be confused.

> { echo -n "To: " ; for x in *.patch ; do scripts/ --no-rolestats < $x | fgrep -v josh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ; done | sort -u | sed 's/$/, /;$s/, $//' | tr -d '\n' ; echo ; } | sed -i '/^From:/r/dev/stdin'
> Personally, I'd find it handy if one of the following happened:
> - git send-email (and ideally also git format-patch) grew an option to
> collect *all* the to-cmd and cc-cmd output from each patch and apply
> it to every patch (including the cover letter).

The biggest issue with doing that is the
quantity of names and addresses on the [0/n]
patch can easily exceed vger's 1024 byte
maximum header size limit.

I drop all but the primary maintainers and
just cc lists.

I use a couple of scripts for that (attached)
for the "--to_cmd" and "--cc_cmd" options

Another possibility is to add a new "--bcc_cmd"
to git send-email so that vger's header limit
can be worked around.

I had patches to git to do that awhile ago.

> - accepted multiple patchfile names and output the
> union of the results. Ideally, would also have a -i
> option to edit the patch files and insert the addresses in the mail
> headers.

Why would have any option like that?

Tools for uses. Scripting.
Aren't we good at that sort of thing?

Description: application/shellscript

Description: application/shellscript