ima_mmap_file returning 0 to userspace as mmap result.

From: Dave Jones
Date: Wed Jun 04 2014 - 19:31:43 EST

I just noticed that trinity was freaking out in places when mmap was
returning zero. This surprised me, because I had the mmap_min_addr
sysctl set to 64k, so it wasn't a MAP_FIXED mapping that did it.

There's no mention of this return value in the man page, so I dug
into the kernel code, and it appears that we do..

ima_file_mmap <- returns 0 if not PROT_EXEC

and then the 0 gets propagated up as a retval all the way to userspace.

It smells to me like we might be violating a standard or two here, and
instead of 0 ima should be returning -Esomething



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