[for-next][PATCH 0/6] tracing: Hopefully the last updates for 3.16 merge window

From: Steven Rostedt
Date: Fri Jun 06 2014 - 13:21:46 EST

These should be the last of the patches I need for merging.
There's one feature which is to be able to increase the saved cmdlines
such that it is possible not to lose any.

Other fixes were memory not cleaned up properly on boot up if there
was a failed allocation, and other clean ups.


Head SHA1: 4abbf33c8c68515f812e97ba0d36d3ee480fd78f

Steven Rostedt (Red Hat) (3)
tracing: Convert stddev into u64 in tracepoint benchmark
tracing: Only calculate stats of tracepoint benchmarks for 2^32 times
tracing: Fix leak of ring buffer data when new instances creation fails

Yoshihiro YUNOMAE (3)
tracing: Introduce saved_cmdlines_size file
tracing: Return error if ftrace_trace_arrays list is empty
tracing/kprobes: Avoid self tests if tracing is disabled on boot up

trace.c | 200 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++--------
trace.h | 3
trace_benchmark.c | 39 ++++++++--
trace_events.c | 13 +++
trace_kprobe.c | 3
5 files changed, 224 insertions(+), 34 deletions(-)
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