Re: disable "Call Trace:"

From: Randy Dunlap
Date: Sat Aug 09 2014 - 00:24:45 EST

On 08/07/14 20:05, çäå Dan Jacobson wrote:
> Idea: if the user could disable
> the "Call Trace:"
> seen upon "Kernel panic - not syncing: attempted to kill init!"
> he would then be able to see more lines above without having it shoved
> off the screen with the useless (to him) call trace.

When would you want to disable it? at kernel boot time (as a boot option)
or sometime later?

> e.g., using panic=222 call_trace=disabled would give him enough time and room
> to read more of what happened from the screen.
> --

Makes some sense to me and it's not difficult to implement.

But would you only want to disable Call Trace: on panics or any time that a
call trace might be printed? and would disabling call trace also disable
the raw stack dump and Code: output, or literally just the call trace?

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