Re: [3.16 stable PATCH 1/1] virtio-rng: fix multi-device startup

From: Amit Shah
Date: Tue Aug 12 2014 - 01:32:50 EST

On (Tue) 12 Aug 2014 [06:55:27], Greg KH wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 11, 2014 at 06:11:47PM +0530, Amit Shah wrote:
> > This is a 3.16-only patch. The linux.git fix is
> > 5c06273401f2eb7b290cadbae18ee00f8f65e893, which fixes this issue in a
> > different way.
> Why "different"? Why can't I take that original patch instead? What is
> different in this patch, and why?

The commit referenced moves the hwrng_register() call to the ->scan()
callback instead of it being in probe(). This was done to ensure the
virtio-rng devices can contribute to the initial system entropy
introduced in commit d9e7972619334.

That patch is quite small too, but will need a slight conflict
resolution due to the previous two code-shuffling patches, and also
the following revert.

However, I decided against the backport of the ->scan() method, since
it wasn't designed to solve this regression, it happens to solve it,
and it actually introduces new functionality. I would be happy to
provide a backport of the relevant patches, if you think that would be


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