LPC IOMMU and VFIO MicroConference - Call for Participation

From: Joerg Roedel
Date: Tue Aug 12 2014 - 05:20:28 EST

LPC IOMMU and VFIO MicroConference - Call for Participation

We are pleased to announce that this year there will be the first IOMMU
and VFIO MicroConference held at Linux Plumbers Conference in
Düsseldorf. An initial request for support of this micro conference
generated, among others, the following possible topic ideas:

* Improving generic IOMMU code and move code out of drivers
* IOMMU device error handling
* IOMMU Power Management
* Virtualizing IOMMUs
* Interface between IOMMUs an memory management

More suggested topics can be found at the wiki page of the micro


We now ask for formal proposals for these discussions along with any
other topics or problems that need to be discussed in this area.

The format of the micro conference will be roughly half-hour slots for
each topic, where the discussion lead gives a short introduction to the
problem and maybe sketches possible solutions. The rest of the slot is
open for discussions so that we come to an agreement how to move

Please submit your formal proposal on the Linux Plumbers website (OpenID
login required) until August 31st at:


Hope to see you in Düsseldorf!

Joerg Roedel and Alex Williamson

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