Some problems with HP DL380 G8 BIOS and SLES11 SP3

From: Ulrich Windl
Date: Wed Aug 13 2014 - 11:30:31 EST


Running the current SLES11 SP3 kernel on a HP DL380 G8 server, there are some kernel messages that indicate a bug either in the kernel or in the HP BIOS. Maybe someone can explain, so I can try to get it fixed whatever party broke it...

Linux kernel is "3.0.101-0.35-default (geeko@buildhost) (gcc version 4.3.4 [gcc-4_3-branch revision 152973]" (latest).
HP server is "HP ProLiant DL380p Gen8, BIOS P70 02/10/2014" (latest)

During ACPI init I see:
Reserving 128MB of memory at 752MB for crashkernel (System RAM: 132095MB)
ACPI: RSDP 00000000000f4f00 00024 (v02 HP )
ACPI: XSDT 00000000bddaed00 000D4 (v01 HP ProLiant 00000002 322? 0000162E)
ACPI: FACP 00000000bddaee40 000F4 (v03 HP ProLiant 00000002 322? 0000162E)
ACPI Warning: Invalid length for Pm1aControlBlock: 32, using default 16 (2011041
ACPI Warning: Invalid length for Pm2ControlBlock: 32, using default 8 (20110413/
ACPI: DSDT 00000000bddaef40 026DC (v01 HP DSDT 00000001 INTL 20030228)
ACPI: FACS 00000000bddac140 00040
ACPI: SPCR 00000000bddac180 00050 (v01 HP SPCRRBSU 00000001 322? 0000162E)
ACPI: MCFG 00000000bddac200 0003C (v01 HP ProLiant 00000001 00000000)

HPET id 0 under DRHD base 0xf4ffe000
BIOS requests to not use x2apic
Use 'intremap=no_x2apic_optout' to override BIOS request
Enabled IRQ remapping in xapic mode
x2apic not enabled, IRQ remapping is in xapic mode
Switched APIC routing to physical flat.
..TIMER: vector=0x30 apic1=0 pin1=2 apic2=-1 pin2=-1
CPU0: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2630 v2 @ 2.60GHz stepping 04
Performance Events: PEBS fmt1+, 16-deep LBR, IvyBridge events, Broken BIOS detec
ted, complain to your hardware vendor.
[Firmware Bug]: the BIOS has corrupted hw-PMU resources (MSR 38d is 330)
Intel PMU driver.
... version: 3
... bit width: 48
... generic registers: 4
... value mask: 0000ffffffffffff
... max period: 000000007fffffff
... fixed-purpose events: 3
... event mask: 000000070000000f
NMI watchdog enabled, takes one hw-pmu counter.
Booting Node 0, Processors #1

pci0000:00: Requesting ACPI _OSC control (0x1d)
pci0000:00: ACPI _OSC request failed (AE_SUPPORT), returned control mask: 0x00
ACPI _OSC control for PCIe not granted, disabling ASPM

pci0000:20: Requesting ACPI _OSC control (0x1d)
pci0000:20: ACPI _OSC request failed (AE_SUPPORT), returned control mask: 0x00
ACPI _OSC control for PCIe not granted, disabling ASPM

P.S. Please CC: me, as I'm not on LKML...

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