Re: [PATCH] mmc: dw_mmc: Remove architecture dependency

From: Andrew Bresticker
Date: Wed Aug 13 2014 - 20:13:29 EST

> In general, it's best to have specific dependencies on the subsystem
> a driver uses. You probably need something like
> depends on COMPILE_TEST || ARC || ARM || MIPS
> to cover all the possible cases. The specific options are probably
> not the ones I listed above, but you should get the idea. Most importantly,
> you don't want to allow building the driver on architectures on which
> it can't compile.

The only compile-time dependencies I see are HAS_IOMEM (which MMC
already depends on) and HAS_DMA. There isn't any compile-time
dependency on COMMON_CLK, REGULATOR, GPIOLIB, OF, etc. I've compiled
it successfully for a few non-ARM/ARC architectures, though that
certainly isn't an exhaustive test. To be safe though, perhaps I'll
just update the architecture dependency to include MIPS ||
COMPILE_TEST as you suggested.
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