Re: Random MAC address on my BeagleBone White

From: Steven Rostedt
Date: Fri Aug 15 2014 - 15:03:26 EST

On Fri, 15 Aug 2014 20:49:11 +0200
Markus Pargmann <mpa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Steven,

> The am335x SoC already has 4 registers which contain two unique vendor
> MAC addresses, so they should be used automatically instead of a random
> one.
> As you mentioned above, I sent a series to read and use those addresses
> in the linux kernel. There were some problems with the series which I
> fixed to send a new version of the series, but I didn't send it yet. I
> will try to resend it tomorrow and Cc you. It would be great if you
> could test it.

Yep, but I don't work on weekends (Chief Home Officer's orders). Well,
I should say, I don't do computer work on weekends. House work on the
other hand, plenty (Again, the CHO's orders). It will have to wait till

> As far as I know, barebox also works with the beaglebone white and it
> should set the correct MAC address as well. So if you need the same IP
> address in linux as in the bootloader, you could try barebox.

Maybe I'll give it a try. But if your stuff works I'll be fine with

Thanks! Hopefully I'll be using this board in my ktest tutorial at
ELCEU in October.

-- Steve
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