Re: [Bug 3.14.17] inconsistent lock state

From: Lan Tianyu
Date: Sun Aug 24 2014 - 22:57:12 EST

On 2014å08æ25æ 01:50, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> Rafael? Lan Tianyu? This is not some minor locking bug. This is a
> *major* mistake unless I misread something.

Hi Linus:

Sorry about this. We are resolving the issue in the other bug
report( and I have proposed a fix

It's my fault. ACPI button notify callback will be called in the
interrupt context when the button device is enumerated from ACPI FADT
table(So called fixed button device). The ACPI button device also can be
enumerated from ACPI namespace and its callback will be run in the
process context just like other ACPI devices' notify callbacks. These
two kind of butt devices uses the same callback. Originally, I assumed
all ACPI notify callbacks were run in the process context and didn't
check whether netlink routine can use in the interrupt context or not.
Sorry again.

> Linus

Best regards
Tianyu Lan
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