Re: [PATCH v2 2/5] MFD: RK808: Add new mfd driver for RK808

From: Chris Zhong
Date: Tue Aug 26 2014 - 06:40:11 EST

On 08/26/2014 06:20 PM, Lee Jones wrote:
On Tue, 26 Aug 2014, Chris Zhong wrote:
On 08/26/2014 05:22 PM, Lee Jones wrote:
On Mon, 25 Aug 2014, Chris Zhong wrote:
On 08/20/2014 05:21 PM, Lee Jones wrote:
On Wed, 20 Aug 2014, Chris Zhong wrote:

The RK808 chip is a power management IC for multimedia and handheld
devices. It contains the following components:

- Regulators

The rk808 core driver is registered as a platform driver and provides
communication through I2C with the host device for the different

Signed-off-by: Chris Zhong <zyw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

+ rk808->pdata = pdata;
Remove pdata from 'struct rk808'. You can obtain it from dev.
Can I keep this pdata in rk808, because it is used in the regulator driver.
The one obtain from dev maybe empty.
If the one in dev is empty, you should populate that instead.
So, should I malloc a pada, and assign it to client->dev?
If client->dev.pdata is NULL, yes.

But actually, I have more important questions that need to be answered
first. Ones which I would normally be able to answer myself if the
patch-set had been sent as one (i.e. threaded) instead of as
individual patches:

- What are you using pdata for?

For save some properties,

like "rockchip,system-power-controller" in MFD
and some regulator properties in regulator/rk808...

- Where is pdata populated?

It is populated in probe in mfd/rk808.c

actually, I copy it from tps65910.c

- Where is pdata used?

pdata is used in mfd and regulator

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