Re: [PATCH] ASoC: fsl-sai: using 'lsb-first' property instead of 'big-endian-data'.

From: Mark Brown
Date: Wed Aug 27 2014 - 03:06:23 EST

On Tue, Aug 26, 2014 at 11:53:56PM -0700, Nicolin Chen wrote:

> That's why I suggested previously: mention it in the commit comment.

> People will have no idea about what's the exact reason for this change.
> Any functional enhancement? Or a bug fix(more likely for this one).
> I'm not sure what I described in the previous mail is correct or not.
> But you probably should have added it into the commit comments.

Right, this is a good idea - make sure people can understand what the
goal of the change is.

> And Xiubo, this patch still hasn't fixed the issue of breaking the old DT,
> although system can pass during the probe() section.

Indeed. Please do this.

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