[bisected, regression] 3.17-rc2 kernel doesn't load initramfs with EFI stub boot

From: Calvin Walton
Date: Wed Aug 27 2014 - 12:02:57 EST

Hi all,

When I tried booting the 3.17-rc2 kernel on my Lenovo ThinkPad T440p
(16gb ram) via Gummiboot/EFI stub, it failed with an error saying that
it could not mount root. A little investigation revealed that the
initramfs did not load, so mounting by filesystem UUID failed.

A video of the failed boot is available here, if you're curious:

I've bisected the change, and it has led me to:

4bf7111f50167133a71c23530ca852a41355e739 is the first bad commit
commit 4bf7111f50167133a71c23530ca852a41355e739
Author: Yinghai Lu <yinghai@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat Jun 14 12:23:41 2014 -0700

x86/efi: Support initrd loaded above 4G

For boot efi kernel directly without bootloader.
If the kernel support XLF_CAN_BE_LOADED_ABOVE_4G, we should
not limit initrd under hdr->initrd_add_max.

Signed-off-by: Yinghai Lu <yinghai@xxxxxxxxxx>
Signed-off-by: Matt Fleming <matt.fleming@xxxxxxxxx>

This commit reverts cleanly on top of 3.17-rc2, and the resulting
kernel boots correctly.

Note that testing was done during bisect with the EFI PE/COFF
alignment fix by Michael Brown on top for kernels where it was not
already included (this laptop requires that fix).

Full bisect log:
git bisect start
# bad: [52addcf9d6669fa439387610bc65c92fa0980cef]
Linux 3.17-rc2
git bisect bad 52addcf9d6669fa439387610bc65c92fa0980cef
good: [19583ca584d6f574384e17fe7613dfaeadcdc4a6] Linux 3.16
git bisect
good 19583ca584d6f574384e17fe7613dfaeadcdc4a6
# bad:
[ae045e2455429c418a418a3376301a9e5753a0a8] Merge
git bisect
bad ae045e2455429c418a418a3376301a9e5753a0a8
# bad:
[53ee983378ff23e8f3ff95ecf99dea7c6c221900] Merge tag
'staging-3.17-rc1' of
git bisect
bad 53ee983378ff23e8f3ff95ecf99dea7c6c221900
# good:
[2042088cd67d0064d18c52c13c69af2499907bb1] staging: comedi: ni_labpc:
tidy up labpc_ai_scan_mode()
git bisect good
# good:
[98959948a7ba33cf8c708626e0d2a1456397e1c6] Merge branch
'sched-core-for-linus' of
git bisect good
# good:
[6f929b4e5a022c3ca806c1675ccb833c42086853] staging: comedi:
amplc_pc236: move static board data
git bisect good
# bad:
[2521129a6d2fd8a81f99cf95055eddea3df914ff] Merge tag
'char-misc-3.17-rc1' of
bisect bad 2521129a6d2fd8a81f99cf95055eddea3df914ff
# good:
[7b9d1f0b7a18b86db0ac1de628fa91c0994fefbe] misc: bh1780: Introduce the
use of devm_kzalloc
git bisect good
# bad:
[ce4747963252a30613ebf1c1df3d83b9526a342e] Merge branch
'x86-mm-for-linus' of
git bisect bad
# bad:
[fb86b2440de0ec10fe0272eb19d262ae7a01adb8] x86/efi: Add better error
logging to EFI boot stub
git bisect bad
# bad:
[0c5ed61adbdbf2ca5de934642d5be1e971c498c1] efi/reboot: Allow powering
off machines using EFI
git bisect bad
# bad:
[e15dd4949a937d8e8482f37f8fe493357417f203] efi/arm64: Preserve FP/SIMD
registers on UEFI runtime services calls
git bisect bad
# bad:
[4bf7111f50167133a71c23530ca852a41355e739] x86/efi: Support initrd
loaded above 4G
git bisect bad 4bf7111f50167133a71c23530ca852a41355e739

# good: [98a716b66cab993e15001c7ec06f637ca6f1079b] x86/efi: Use
early_memunmap() to squelch sparse errors
git bisect good
# first bad commit:
[4bf7111f50167133a71c23530ca852a41355e739] x86/efi: Support initrd
loaded above 4G

Calvin Walton <calvin.walton@xxxxxxxxxx>
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