Re: [PATCH] mm, slub: do not add duplicate sysfs

From: WANG Chao
Date: Wed Aug 27 2014 - 23:42:57 EST

On 08/27/14 at 10:25am, Christoph Lameter wrote:
> On Wed, 27 Aug 2014, WANG Chao wrote:
> > Mergeable slab can be changed to unmergeable after tuning its sysfs
> > interface, for example echo 1 > trace. But the sysfs kobject with the unique
> > name will be still there.
> Hmmm... Merging should be switched off if any debugging features are
> enabled. Maybe we need to disable modifying debug options for an active
> cache? This could cause other issues as well since the debug options will
> then apply to multiple caches.

Yes, currently merging is already switched off if there's any debug flag.

It sounds a bit overkill to me to disable runtime configuration. I don't
know how many people out there would trace a mergeable (multiple)
caches. Well it sounds better if we give them the chance to that...

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