Re: [PATCH v2 2/3] dt: Document Qualcomm APQ8084 pinctrl binding

From: Bjorn Andersson
Date: Fri Aug 29 2014 - 02:09:53 EST

On Tue 26 Aug 05:45 PDT 2014, Georgi Djakov wrote:

> Define a new binding for the Qualcomm TLMM (Top-Level Mode Mux) based pin
> controller inside the APQ8084.
> Signed-off-by: Georgi Djakov <gdjakov@xxxxxxxxxx>
> +Valid values for function are:
> +adsp_ext, audio_ref, blsp_i2c1, blsp_i2c2, blsp_i2c3, blsp_i2c4, blsp_i2c5,
> +blsp_i2c6, blsp_i2c7, blsp_i2c8, blsp_i2c9, blsp_i2c10, blsp_i2c11, blsp_i2c12,
> +blsp_spi1, blsp_spi2, blsp_spi3, blsp_spi4, blsp_spi5, blsp_spi6, blsp_spi7,
> +blsp_spi8, blsp_spi9, blsp_spi10, blsp_spi11, blsp_spi12, blsp_uart1,
> +blsp_uart2, blsp_uart3, blsp_uart4, blsp_uart5, blsp_uart6, blsp_uart7,
> +blsp_uart8, blsp_uart9, blsp_uart10, blsp_uart11, blsp_uart12, blsp_uim1,
> +blsp_uim2, blsp_uim3, blsp_uim4, blsp_uim5, blsp_uim6, blsp_uim7, blsp_uim8,
> +blsp_uim9, blsp_uim10, blsp_uim11, blsp_uim12, cam_mclk0, cam_mclk1, cam_mclk2,
> +cam_mclk3, cci_async, cci_async_in0, cci_i2c0, cci_i2c1, cci_timer0, cci_timer1,
> +cci_timer2, cci_timer3, cci_timer4, edp_hpd, gcc_gp1, gcc_gp2, gcc_gp3, gcc_obt,
> +gcc_vtt, gp_mn, gp_pdm0, gp_pdm1, gp_pdm2, gp0_clk, gp1_clk, gpio, hdmi_cec,
> +hdmi_ddc, hdmi_dtest, hdmi_hpd, hdmi_rcv, hsic, ldo_en, ldo_update, mdp_vsync,
> +pci_e0, pci_e0_n, pci_e0_rst, pci_e1, pci_e1_rst, pci_e1_rst_n, pci_e1_clkreq_n,
> +pri_mi2s, qua_mi2s, sata_act, sata_devsleep, sata_devsleep_n, sd_write,
> +sdc_emmc_mode, sdc3, sdc4, sec_mi2s, slimbus, spdif_tx, spkr_i2s, spkr_i2s_ws,
> +spss_geni, ter_mi2s, tsif1, tsif2, uim, uim_batt_alarm, gpio

It would be nice if these where indented.

Also, the last binding I sent up was for msm8960, where I got some comments
that made me change the format completely. I don't require you to follow that
instead, but I have to vent my opinion saying that it would be nice if you
did ;)

Otherwise, Acked-by: Bjorn Andersson <bjorn.andersson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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