[Q] threading and scope_process

From: Ian Kumlien
Date: Fri Aug 29 2014 - 20:24:38 EST


I have to admit that this is perhaps not the best time to write this,
late in the evening after work but... =)

A friend of mine recently started to develop things on Linux and got a
bit confused since Linux lacks PTHREAD_SCOPE_PROCESS which just about
all other OS:es seems to implement.

(Ok, so I have only googled a bit but it seems like all BSD:s has it
since quite some time and the
same goes for OS X and Windows)

At first i thought that this should be somewhat simple to simulate
using cgroups but there seems to be
quite a overhead and a learning curve, while implementing this should
be simpler because cgroups exist =)

Using this, and thus only compete with your own processes, should make
some multimedia applications
easier to do and could be usable for other things as well, I did talk
to some realtime people a while back
and they were quite surprised that it was lacking...

So, in conclusion is there a reason for this being missing or is it
just a question of "show me the code"?
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