Re: net_ns cleanup / RCU overhead

From: Julian Anastasov
Date: Sat Aug 30 2014 - 04:21:39 EST


On Fri, 29 Aug 2014, Eric W. Biederman wrote:

> > I guess the problem is in nf_nat_net_exit,
> > may be other nf exit handlers too. pernet-exit handlers
> > should avoid synchronize_rcu and rcu_barrier.
> > A RCU callback and rcu_barrier in module-exit is the way
> > to go. cleanup_net includes rcu_barrier, so pernet-exit
> > does not need such calls.
> In principle I agree, however in this particular case it looks a bit
> tricky because a separate hash table to track nat state per network
> namespace.

It is still possible module's pernet-init handler to
attach in net->ct... special structure with all pointers that
should be freed by RCU callback for the module, like the hash table.

For example:

struct netns_ct_nat_rcu_allocs {
struct rcu_head rcu_head;
struct hlist_head *nat_bysource;
unsigned int nat_htable_size;

- pernet-init:
- allocate structure, attach it to net->ct.nat_rcu_allocs
- the original nat_bysource place remains because
we want to avoid net->ct.nat_rcu_allocs dereference.

- pernet-exit:
- copy nat_bysource and nat_htable_size to net->ct.nat_rcu_allocs,
this can be done even in above pernet-init function
- call_rcu(&net->ct.nat_rcu_allocs->rcu_head, nat_rcu_free);

- cleanup_net:
- rcu_barrier()

- RCU callback (nat_rcu_free):
- call nf_ct_free_hashtable
- kfree the structure

- cleanup_net:
- drop netns after rcu_barrier

Due to the rcu_barrier in cleanup_net it is even
possible to provide per-module rcu_head instead of using
allocated structure, for example:

call_rcu(&net->ct.nat_rcu_head, nat_rcu_free);

Then the nat_rcu_free function will just call
nf_ct_free_hashtable before cleanup_net drops the netns struct.
In this case the memory price is just one rcu_head for every module
that uses RCU callback.

> At the same time all of the packets should be drained before
> we get to nf_nat_net_exit so it doesn't look the synchronize_rcu
> in nf_nat_exit is actually protecting anything.

It is true for cleanup_net. I don't remember, can we
see packets while the particular module-exit calls
unregister_pernet_subsys(), may be yes?


Julian Anastasov <ja@xxxxxx>
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