Re: [PATCH 20/41] perf tools: Let a user specify a PMU event without any config terms

From: Jiri Olsa
Date: Mon Sep 01 2014 - 15:16:14 EST

On Mon, Sep 01, 2014 at 12:51:42PM -0300, Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo wrote:


> > krava alias: "tsc=1,noretcomp=0"
> > -e intel_pt/krava/
> > which gives the same result
> So you propose that we start maintaining some table of aliases that
> would be installed by default, etc? "krava" would not be a good name, I
> think (:-)), so in this case we would have something like:
> defaults_intel_pt: "tsc=1,noretcomp=0"
> -e intel_pt/defaults_intel_pt/
> Which of course gets redundant/long, so, using what Adrian suggests, we
> would instead not pass anything between the slashes, and that would mean
> "default_" concatenated with the name of the PMU used, so it would
> become:
> -e intel_pt//
> that would be equivalent to:
> -e intel_pt/defaults_intel_pt/
> and also to:
> -e intel_pt/tsc=1,noretcomp=0/
> ?
> I have not looked at the implementation, this is all just from the
> information I skimmed in this thread.

well I meant that we already have following directory:

for aliases.. files with format definitions (even partial)
I can imagine 'default' file there doing the same job
for the default format set

but I just could be missing something which is not apparent
from changelog ;-)

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