Re: ååï Re: ååï Status of 'unicore32' architecture in Linux kernel

From: Guenter Roeck
Date: Tue Sep 02 2014 - 21:52:59 EST

On 09/02/2014 05:09 PM, Xuetao Guan wrote:


unicore32: Add ocd console and qemu-defconfig to support qemu simulator
This patch adds a primitive OCD console to communicate with qemu.
The same code is already used for early console support.

Do you mean there's the same/similar code in QEMU.

No, I mean that the ocd functions in the linux kernel (such as ocd_putc) are
used by both earlyprintk and the ocd console code.
Yes. By the way, it's only for qemu and fpga debug.

With this patch added, and with qemu_defconfig as provided by the same patch,
it is possible to build and load a unicore32 image in qemu using the following
qemu command line.

qemu-system-unicore32 -curses -M puv3 -m 512 -kernel arch/unicore32/boot/zImage

- The use of -nographic instead of -curses causes a qemu crash
Yes, since qemu curses code was modified to meet the simple OCD console requirement.

The lack of support for -nographic is a problem for scripted testing.
The issue is that we have to interpret console output for scripted testing,
and having to go through curses makes that a bit difficult.

Wonder if '-nographic' can be modeled as '-curses' with no available terminal
configuration. At least in theory that should work, but executing the above
command with TERM=dumb yields no output. Wonder how difficult it would be to
change that.

I see. I'll try to make -nographic work anyway.

Another possibility would be to support "-display none". Unfortunately that also
causes qemu to crash :-(.


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