RE: [PATCH 00/37] staging: comedi: rename command flags for consistency

From: Hartley Sweeten
Date: Wed Sep 03 2014 - 13:26:51 EST

On Wednesday, September 03, 2014 5:45 AM, Ian Abbott wrote:
> The various macros in "comedi.h" used to construct values for the
> `flags` member of `struct comedi_cmd` are named inconsistently. Some of
> the macros with the `TRIG_` prefix are from a long defunct Comedi
> trigger interface that was replaced with the current Comedi asynchronous
> command interface many years ago, co-opting most of the `TRIG_` macros
> in the process. Some of them are still used with various other members
> of `struct comedi_cmd` to select trigger sources. Others are used with
> the `flags` member. There are other macros for use with the command
> `flags` member using the prefix `CMDF_`, and some of the old `TRIG_`
> macros have been renamed already, keeping the old names around as
> synonyms for backwards compatibility.
> For consistency, rename the `TRIG_` prefixed macros used with the
> command `flags` member to use the prefix `CMDF_` and redefine the
> renamed macros as synonyms for backwards compatibilty.
> There are still some left-over `TRIG_` macros unused by the Comedi
> kernel code, but the user-space Comedilib library may still be trying to
> use them, so hang onto them for now.

Reviewed-by: H Hartley Sweeten <hsweeten@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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