Re: [REGRESSION] "efi: efistub: Convert into static library" and preparation patches

From: H. Peter Anvin
Date: Wed Sep 03 2014 - 17:47:51 EST

> Any reason we can't reuse the existing GOT fixup code in the early x86
> boot code? We're not executing it before the EFI boot stub atm, which is
> the reason Maarten is hitting these difficulties.
> Maarten, does the following help?
> If not, Ard please go ahead with option #2 above. Overkill yes, but I've
> done the single __attribute__() hacks in other projects and someone
> (usually me) always eventually forgets to tag some instance.

I think we really have two options: either fix up the GOT (which may be
a null operation, if the GOT is empty) or we add a compile-time check
that the GOT is empty, lest we will keep having these problems.

Since the GOT fixup loop is only a few instructions, it doesn't seem to
be all that problematic to just do it -- but make sure we don't end up
running it twice on any code path!


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