Re: [PATCH v3 13/17] ARM64 / ACPI: Add GICv2 specific ACPI boot support

From: Tomasz Nowicki
Date: Thu Sep 04 2014 - 06:39:39 EST

On 04.09.2014 12:14, Arnd Bergmann wrote:
On Thursday 04 September 2014 12:10:28 Tomasz Nowicki wrote:
On 03.09.2014 20:42, Arnd Bergmann wrote:
On Monday 01 September 2014 22:57:51 Hanjun Guo wrote:
+ /* Collect CPU base addresses */
+ count = acpi_parse_entries(sizeof(struct acpi_table_madt),
+ gic_acpi_parse_madt_cpu, table,
+ if (count < 0) {
+ pr_err("Error during GICC entries parsing\n");
+ return -EFAULT;
+ } else if (!count) {
+ /* No GICC entries provided, use address from MADT header */
+ struct acpi_table_madt *madt = (struct acpi_table_madt *)table;
+ if (!madt->address)
+ return -EFAULT;
+ cpu_phy_base = (u64)madt->address;
+ }

After I read through ACPI-5.1 section, I wonder if this is the
best way to treat a missing ACPI_MADT_TYPE_GENERIC_INTERRUPT table.

Do we expect to see those in practice? It seems like using the x86 local
APIC address as a fallback for the GIC address is not something we
should do unless we absolutely have to support a system that doesn't
have the GIC table.

No, we do not expect and hopefully there will be no such

But, we are trying to be as much as possible inline with 5.1 spec, says:
If provided here (CPU physical base address), the "Local Interrupt
Controller Address" field in the MADT must be ignored by the OSPM.

Yes, that's what I saw. So ignoring it all the time is fine, right?
Presumably the madt->address field is only referenced here because
some pre-5.1 implementations used to do that.

So this is very vague statement. On the one hand it would make sense to take madt->address if we have no GICC entries. On the other hand we do not support non-banked GIC cpu registers. So all of then need to have the same cpu_base_address. What if one has null address? Should the rest take madt->address? I think you are right, I will remove madt->address fallback and simplify the code.

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