Re: 3.16.2: 2TiB Seagate Expansion Desk apparently still broken with both USB mass storage *and* UAS: some debugging output

From: Alan Stern
Date: Sun Sep 07 2014 - 16:03:13 EST

On Sun, 7 Sep 2014, Nix wrote:

> I have a brand new Seagate Expansion Desk drive attached to my x86-64
> desktop. (I also have a 4TiB model of the same drive, but I haven't even
> unboxed it: there seems little point as long as the 2TiB version doesn't
> work.) I am seeing apparently the same problem as Alexandre Oliva
> reported in <>. The
> drive is USB ID 0bc2:3321, so probably a slightly different model than
> Alexandre's 0bc2:3320, but similar enough to be broken it seems.
> I've tried it with both the usb-storage driver on xhci and with UAS,
> with verbose USB mass storage debugging turned on. Both fail with
> different log messages: see below. I haven't tried Alexandre's quirk
> yet. (I have USB debugging for the UAS case only, alas, because the
> system helpfully autoloaded and used that module when I was trying to
> replicate the usb-storage-only failure, sigh. Autoloading is annoying
> sometimes! :) )


> I'm happy to do whatever further debugging people may deem necessary:
> this system has up-to-date backups and is easy to reboot and try new
> kernels on, and the drive is brand new and completely empty so it's
> pretty much impossible to mess up!

Please post a usbmon trace showing what happens when the drive binds to
usb-storage. To prevent extraneous data from cluttering the trace, you
should unplug as many of the other USB devices on the same bus as
possible before starting the trace.

Alan Stern

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